Desperate Girls

The Badi Girls

Between 7,000 and 12,000 young girls, aged 9-16, are trafficked each year from Nepal; mainly to India. According to Nepal Monitor/On line journal, 2007, there are more than 200,000 Nepali girls in Indian brothels.

The Dalits(untouchables) are the lowest level in Hindu society, and the Badi community, in Western Nepal, are the lowest of the low. As a displaced hungry people group the Badi community has made sexual subservience a way of life. Young girls from this group “serve” other groups. This has become a tradition and means of livelihood. Many girls, even when they are unwilling, are forced to serve as sex slaves. Family members knowingly sell their daughters to traffickers.

Though prostitution is illegal in Nepal, the industry reportedly has links with highly ranked officials and political leaders. Large groups of girls are taken across the border with many police and government officials being in collusion with traffickers and brothel owners.

Traffickers and related criminals are often protected by political parties, and if arrested, are freed using political power. As a result, there is an underlying distrust of police that has led people not to file cases against traffickers.

Domestic action involves activities of NGO’s and other volunteer groups. These groups are playing a major role to address girl-trafficking and sex slaves issues. Some NGO’s are playing a very important role to improve the situation. From creating social awareness to rescuing and rehabilitation, they are providing services (and relief) to those that need it the most – the likely victims as well as the rescued ones. The Lighthouse foundation is one of these.

*See Chandra Kala’s story on this blog site.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Communications again

Finally, we are joined to the world again.  We have had all sorts of drama with the Internet which has become the norm here.  It is so good to be able to write the blog again.  It is steamy and hot but it hasn't stopped the enthusiasm here for all that is happening.  Today, the girls were training in hospitality. Margaret had the little tables set up within beautiful white tablecloths, and flowers in vases, lovely sugar basins etc.  The girls were training to greet, escort the customer to the table and take orders and serve.  After a few practice runs, we were the customers, and the girls served us.  They had some surprise customers.  The two Internet guys were invited to have afternoon tea with the pikelets.  The girls were quite chuffed.  The amazing thing is to think of where these women were a year ago. They would never have imagined in their wildest dreams that they would have had this opportunity.  They have lovely uniforms and they are just spectacular.  I love them so much.  They also have been having basic health care classes.  They were learning CPR with a special dummy provided by  St.Johns  ambulance.  They have so much fun while they are learning.  I'm has been teaching bike mechanics.  He has been a real hit with the boys and he loved his time with them.  The teachers have been in school,
Gloria and I have begun photographing all the girls with some updates. Everyone has been doing their little bit towards daily life. Washing up, helping with food preparation, cleaning etc.  They are a good team.  


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