Desperate Girls

The Badi Girls

Between 7,000 and 12,000 young girls, aged 9-16, are trafficked each year from Nepal; mainly to India. According to Nepal Monitor/On line journal, 2007, there are more than 200,000 Nepali girls in Indian brothels.

The Dalits(untouchables) are the lowest level in Hindu society, and the Badi community, in Western Nepal, are the lowest of the low. As a displaced hungry people group the Badi community has made sexual subservience a way of life. Young girls from this group “serve” other groups. This has become a tradition and means of livelihood. Many girls, even when they are unwilling, are forced to serve as sex slaves. Family members knowingly sell their daughters to traffickers.

Though prostitution is illegal in Nepal, the industry reportedly has links with highly ranked officials and political leaders. Large groups of girls are taken across the border with many police and government officials being in collusion with traffickers and brothel owners.

Traffickers and related criminals are often protected by political parties, and if arrested, are freed using political power. As a result, there is an underlying distrust of police that has led people not to file cases against traffickers.

Domestic action involves activities of NGO’s and other volunteer groups. These groups are playing a major role to address girl-trafficking and sex slaves issues. Some NGO’s are playing a very important role to improve the situation. From creating social awareness to rescuing and rehabilitation, they are providing services (and relief) to those that need it the most – the likely victims as well as the rescued ones. The Lighthouse foundation is one of these.

*See Chandra Kala’s story on this blog site.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tuesday 5th, Solid ground

We often say of a stable person, that "he has both feet on the ground" and solid ground is a comforting thing.  When that security is taken away, it is quite terrifying.  Yet in the midst of everything, we knew that we had our feet planted solidly on our Rock, Jesus Christ.  He has his plans for us and nothing in heaven or earth or under the earth can change that.  If it is the time to go home and be him, or face what is ahead,  he gives courage in the moment.  Leann can testify to that as she was on her knees in that crumbling building.  My old Mum loved Ps 40, especially where it says "He set my feet upon a rock" It had a very special meaning for her when she was in deep waters.  
One of my favourite songs is "Only You Remain" By Mercy Me.
You remain, even when the earth is shaken,
You remain, even when our kings have fallen
Every mountain standing tall will crash into the sea
You were, you are and you will be,
Only you remain.

The above road was the one we had to drive over on our way into Kathmandu.
I know which strong foundation I want my feet planted firmly upon.
He is our strong tower, our mighty fortress.
He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.

I guess that this will be our last blog for now.  The Freedom Tour begins last weekend in May providing the earthquake in Nepal doesn't interfere with our plans.  I will resume the blog for the journey of three months from Cairns to Melbourne and many places in between.

Hope to see you on Tour, and show everyone our beautiful girls.

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